Quilt Path Pantostacker Basic/Advanced

Want to learn more about the Pantostacker feature of your new Quilt Path computer system.  This class brings you to the next level in Pantostacker world. Learning the differences in the three levels will expand your quilting ability.
This class provides the tools for using the different levels in the  Pantostacker portion of Quilt Path. Even if you are current using Pantostacker, come join us to get the most from your Quilt Path. Learn the ins and outs of each level of Pantostacker. Use Pantostacker to get those quilt tops done faster and better than ever before. Quilt Path will do the math, adjust the size of patterns and set the patterns just where you want them with ease. Use the Basic and Advanced levels to have more choices in placement as well as number of patterns used in your designs.  Join me for more Pantostacker fun.

3 hour class

Class Fee: $100