Long Arm Machine Rentals

Red Barn Quilting has 3 APQS machines for rent:

  • one 10-foot long arm machine
  • 0ne 12-foot long arm machine – with a computer!
  • one sit down, long arm machine

To get you ready to rent these machines, you must first take at least one rental class:

  • $150 class for the stand up machines
  • $50 for the sit down machine
  • rental fee for stand up machines freehand $20 per hour
  • rental fee for computer guided quilting $30 per hour
  • rental fees for sit down machine is $10 per hour
  • NOTE: to use a machine with a computer, you must take the 3 hour Computer Panto Class for $100.
  • Classes are normally conducted between 10:oo AM and 4:00 PM, but may be changed to accommodate your schedule.