Quilt Path Pattern Creating/Editing

Introduction to Quilt Paths Pattern Cad section where you create and edit patterns.  Learn how to manipulate your favorite patterns, joining patterns,drawing your own designs and more.  Join me to get hands on application demos, not just lecture.  In the second part of our day we will experience more in depth the features of mirroring, freehand drawing and manipulating designs.

Get the most out of your Quilt Path by exploring the world of PatternCreating and Editing. Join me and learn the ins and outs of Quilt Path in a fun and interactive way.  Learning resizing, redesigning, importing, drawing and merging will help discover the unlimited possibilities of your new computer system. This is just a quick jump start to the new world of quilting you have entered.  You will also get hands on demos not just lectures.  Get the most from your investment.